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What are your guy's opinion on BRICS alliance?
Do you think that this could be one the major alliances over the next 100-300 years that can properly rival the western world? (BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

In an increasingly and undetectable AI inhabited Internet for surveillance capitalism, attention economy,control, do you think there's still value in online social interactions? Authentically? How so?
We are social animals, many or most of us need social interaction for our well being, but also survival purposes taking into account the socioeconomic system and globalization. If we cannot have that interaction in real life, we try to find that in the virtual space. On that, there is increasingly use of AI for social interaction engagement online, most likely without our notice. Does that has any value for you as a social connection? Is it worth it using social media at all for social interaction (actually interaction with AI) at this point? Wouldn't it better to just throw away all these interaction at this point?

Are animals better than plants?
Animals are awesome! They can communicate and form social bonds, while plants are just, well, plants. Animals can move, hunt, and play, making them more dynamic and interesting than plants that just sit there. Sure, plants are cool and provide us with oxygen, but animals are just on another level. If you ask me, animals are definitely better than plants!

What are the best recommended server specs for lemmy and which Linux distribution?
What are the best recommended server specs for lemmy and which Linux distribution? for testing purposes.

Can i install lemmy's backend from the master branch but connect it to a front-end from other repo?
I want to install lemmy's backend from lemmy's master branch but use other lemmy UI who supports RTL. is this possible? if yes, how can be done?

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