Seconding Library Genesis. ZLibrary has a nice selection and all, but I’m kind of put off by how you need an account to access it. No such issues with LibGen.

i was going for legal materials first. Not a fan of pirating books unless theyre corporate backed content such as college textbooks Project Gutenberg has all legal materials. Consider it.

That’s what my first suggestion was ahah. thanks anyway

down daemon
91M is a new one trying to be the biggest ever


even better than z-lib in my opinion

Very nice!

Zlib and LibGen if you are willing to set sails 🏴‍☠️

Project Gutenberg, are two that come to my mind

zlibrary is back, which is the best


If one has an e-reader, is an excellent place for English language texts.

Thanks everyone for the recommendations

Zlib is the best. The main site has been taken down though so you will need to use the darkweb site.

This reddit thread says the onion link is: http://zlibrary24tuxziyiyfr7zd46ytefdqbqd2axkmxm4o5374ptpc52fad.onion/

zlibrary is back online they are using personal domains now, although I have no clue how “personal” they are

That’s great, thanks for letting know

deleted by creator

That is great news, thanks for letting know


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