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live boot linux, I’ve live booted linux onto university desktop computers did my work and unplugged and left

Works great, I’ve never had issues. I’ve only had one prof that used lockdown and which I told them. I use Linux, and it doesn’t support it, so they made accommodations (Schools are required to). I use the containers in the software to install various scripts for marketing etc. Flatpak’s are nice and easy to use. It has native AppImageLauncher support.

Many people don’t use it because it doesn’t come store bought…

I’ve been using Linux for 3 years in college

My Linux distro hop went ZorinOS -> Fedora Workstation -> Nobara Linux -> Now (VanillaOS)

The Linux foundation is the founder and all works are going to be published as open source

it’s founded the linux foundation it’s not going to be pointless as OSM is heavily inaccurate at times

zlibrary is back online they are using personal domains now, although I have no clue how “personal” they are