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Might be worth mentioning oolite which is a modernization of the source code, I played it a lot (basically finished all the content not in the mods), good game.

He is getting at least 2600 a month now, so things seems ok, this is another example of how important fundraising is.

I just hope they will do good UX research, I don’t want some overly opinionated UX design that will be not very usable and hurt the popularity of the project (I think that’s what happened to amarok , GNOME 3 also comes to mind).

is It? no offence but it seems pretty standard to me.

one to provide an outlet for people’s unpleasant/destructive thoughts (sometimes voicing them will help temporarily quiet them if you are in acute distress).

That sounds like a problematic issue, reddit already has a problem with communities for support where "ppl who suck at X give advice to other people who suck at X). These types of communities might reinforce unhealthy attitudes, I suggest you at least link to sources that have at least trained volunteers (my country have those, and the US probably also has it), maybe also links to other resources like free online CBT/ACT therapy resources or books.