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Hey Esteban! Thanks for giving this a go. I’m a fellow productivity-tool fiddler. Reckon they haven’t saved me a moments time for all the time I’ve spent fiddling, if I’m honest.

Incredibly interesting project from new member of Be sure to check out:

Under the new system introduced in April, courts are required to send cases to TNA by using the TNA portal, rather than sending them by email to a range of publishers, such as BAILII (the British and Irish Legal Information Institute), the ICLR and commercial legal publishers.

I wonder if the commercial publishers had a higher success rate – I don’t really wonder, one kinda knows right?

I’m going to go with “no.”

From the attached:

Breach Information
Total number of persons affected (including residents): 34942
Total number of Maine residents affected: 146
If the number of Maine residents exceeds 1,000, have the consumer reporting agencies been notified:
Date(s) Breach Occured: 12/06/2022
Date Breach Discovered: 12/20/2022
Description of the Breach:
If other, please specify: Credential Stuffing
Information Acquired - Name or other personal identifier in combination with: Social Security Number

Hey Jonathan! Thanks for the idea and for hopping on so quickly! :)